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Browse these photos and get a taste of our urban retreat studio! Unlike most yoga studios in Denver, we have a beautiful park view from all three yoga rooms which allows for natural light and a connection to nature at all times. Practice vrksasana (tree pose) while mimicking the ever-changing trees directly in front of your mat! Our spa-like facility lets your mind. body. spirit. escape the outside world if only for the length of a yoga class. Wide-open space throughout the studio allows for room to breathe and room to be. Enjoy free wifi and friendly conversation at our community table, or reset before and after class in our relaxing quiet lounge.

Yoga Retreat to Cabo, Mexico Fall 2013

Prana del Mar is a resort just west of Cabo.  Mountains behind us, ocean in front of us.  Only sixteen rooms gave us an intimate and private setting to truly restore.  Two yoga rooms, delicious food, and warm company made this trip very special.  Join us next time!

Our community practicing yoga, learning, and celebrating.

Our beautiful students.