What Type of Yoga is Right for Me?

What Type of Yoga is Right for Me?


While the practice of yoga is for everybody – not every style of yoga will suit every body.  You may crave a gentle nourishing yoga practice with soft music and soothing poses.  While your friend may be looking for an intense athletic, flowing practice with loud, soulful tunes. Or you may want to practice different styles on different days. Whatever you are looking for … here is a guide to the major styles of yoga that we practice at ONE Yoga :

ONE HATHA YOGA This is a slower moving, more meditative class.  Each pose is held for a few breaths.  These longer holds allow you to settle deeply into each pose in order to connect with the rhythm of your breath and increase your strength and flexibility.  Music is typically gentle and instrumental.

ONE POWER YOGA (aka VINYASA YOGA)  –Power Yoga is a form of Vinyasa Yoga.  It is an active practice that links movement to breath. These classes are faster-paced and help you build strength, get fit, increase flexibility, and improve your balance. Prepare to sweat. Often times instructors create interesting pose sequences and will bump up the music, to match the sequence choreography. Most Power 2 classes are heated to 95 degrees.   

ONE ALIGN & FLOW YOGA – Align & Flow Yoga classes are designed to deepen and enrich your practice.  This style of yoga provides students with an opportunity to explore the details of proper alignment in the body. You’ll hold poses for several breaths, use props and thoughtfully build to a peak pose.

ONE RESTORATIVE – This class is relaxing and renewing. It helps your body to find deep peace.  The focus is on gentle stretching without strain and includes the use of props (bolsters, blocks, and blankets) to support the body. Postures are held in a resting position for several minutes at a time.   

ONE GENTLE YOGA – This class is geared toward students who are looking for a slow, meditative accessible yoga class. Some students in the Gentle Class are new to yoga. Some are recovering from surgery or injury. Some simply want to slow way down and connect with their breath.   

ONE YOGA NIDRA – Yoga Nidra is a method to create complete relaxation. It soothes the body, quiets the mind, and can serve as an antidote to our busy and exhausted lives. Yoga Nidra encourages the body and mind to heal from the inside out by harnessing the power of the peaceful state that lies between sleep and wakefulness. This class will begin with gentle movement and will be followed by a 45-minute guided savasana. It is said that 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra is equal to two hours of regular sleep.

ONE ASHTANGA YOGA  – Based on the traditional Ashtanga Primary Series that was developed, refined, and taught in Mysore, India by K. Pattabhi Jois, this class will challenge you physically and mentally. Often described as the parent to modern-day Power yoga, Ashtanga yoga is a specialized sequencing of postures and focused breathing techniques. Learn to harness your body’s energy! You will engage the bandhas (energy gates), strengthen the core of your body, and develop a razor-sharp focus. Expect to detoxify and align your body while building strength and stamina.

ONE PRENATAL YOGA – A comprehensive Prenatal Yoga class focused on preparing women physically, mentally, and emotionally for the beautiful process of childbirth and motherhood. This class will increase strength, physical and mental endurance, flexibility, breath and body awareness, while reducing fatigue and improving relaxation. Prenatal Yoga also helps reduce back pain and other common issues associated with pregnancy such as nausea, tights hips, and heartburn.

ONE KUNDALINI – Kundalini yoga uses movement, sound, mudra, breath, and meditation to regulate the energy of the body. Kundalini can help you to soothe away back pain, stress, and low energy through the use of Kriyas with distinctive repetitive movement that shifts your awareness.



About the Author:

Karey and Matt Goebel own ONE Yoga DTC. Karey is an E-500 RYT in Power and Hatha yoga. She has been practicing for nearly 20 years and teaching since 2012. Yoga has always been a family affair for the Goebels. Karey first discovered her love for yoga and mindful living as a teenager, while practicing yoga with her mom in Boulder. Today, she and her husband Matt, and their three adult children, all make yoga a part of their daily lives.