ONE Yoga Class Descriptions for Beginners to Advanced

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Whether you want to burn off the stress of your day with a Power Yoga class or increase your flexiility with a Hatha Yoga class or renew your spirit with Restorative Yoga, ONE Yoga Denver in the DTC offers a class that is right for you.

At ONE Yoga, our experienced teachers inspire our students through movement, breath and meditation to create strength, flexibility and resilience in their bodies and minds.

POWER YOGA – ONE Yoga offers three levels of power vinyasa yoga. These classes will help you build strength, get fit, increase flexibility, advance your yoga skills and improve your balance.  You’ll  have fun while you learn to focus your mind and relieve stress. And by the end of class you can enjoy the benefits of yoga as you experience peace and relaxation.

  • ONE POWER  1 – An intro-level, gently heated power yoga class designed to provide a foundation for your practice and an understanding of vinyasa yoga, postures and breath. The room is heated to 80 degrees.This includes some athletic movement and core work to build strength. Suitable for all levels.
  • ONE POWER  2 – You will sweat! This power class incorporates more challenging postures, endurance and core work.  The room is heated to 96 degrees. This practice is yoga-based workout for cardio and strength-building and it will help you increase flexibility and balance. Classes may include (optional) peak poses which may include arm balances. Some knowledge of the postures is recommended.
  • ONE POWER  3 – This once-a-week practice is designed to challenge you and help you build strength, endurance and advance your yoga practice. The fast-paced class will include more advanced sequencing, and optional peak poses which will include arm balances, inversions or backbends.  Solid knowledge of the postures is recommended.

ONE BEGINNER YOGA – This interactive, workshop-style class addresses groups of postures, each Monday. The class is friendly and comfortable. You will learn the alignment of each pose, along with modifications that are right for YOUR body. You will also learn about the purpose of yoga and it’s benefits. And we will teach you the Sanskrit terms for each pose / asana. This basic class is ongoing and not limited to beginners. Every 1st Monday: Standing and stabilization postures; Every 2nd Monday: Hip openers and twists; Every 3rd Monday: Back bends (heart openers), lateral bends; Every 4th Monday: Balance postures, forward bends, and basic inversions. If there is a 5th Monday of the month, we will cover postures requested by participants.

ONE HATHA 1  – An intro-level traditional yoga class that with static postures and reflective themes. Classes may include breath work, some flowing, a thoughtful sequence of postures, and a short meditation. For all levels.

ONE HATHA 2  – This traditional yoga class incorporates longer static holds of more challenging postures and places a greater focus on alignment. Classes may include themes around philosophy or spirituality while focusing on breath, and providing an extended savasana or meditation. Some knowledge of the postures is recommended.

ONE HEATED HATHA  – This meditative and detoxifying class takes the traditional Hatha class into a warm and humid environment. This is the perfect setting for Hatha students who want to build strength and flexibility while working into a gentle sweat. This format also serves the Power students looking to experience a slower-paced practice without as many physical challenges (especially on the shoulders). For all levels.

ONE RESTORATIVE – This class is relaxing and also renewing. Postures are held in a resting position for several minutes at a time. The focus is on gentle stretching without strain and includes the use of props (bolsters, blocks, and blankets) to support the body.  For all levels.

ONE GENTLE YOGA – This is a gentle class geared toward students who are looking for slower, more accessible yoga class. Some students in the Gentle Class are new to yoga. Some are recovering from surgery or injury. Some simply want to slow down and connect with their breath.  For all levels.

ONE ALIGN & FLOW 2 – This is a class designed to enrich your practice, providing students with an opportunity to explore proper alignment in the body, longer holds and thoughtfully building to a peak pose which may be an arm balance or inversion. An understanding of postures is recommended

ONE ALIGN & FLOW 2/3+  – This 75 minute class is a challenging exploration of more advanced postures, including arm balances, inversions and more. The class is thoughtfully sequenced and includes long holds and a focus on proper alignment. Prepare to take your practice to a new level and have fun. This is a class for experienced yogis

ONE KUNDALINI – Kundalini yoga uses movement, sound, mudra, breath, and meditation to regulate the glandular system and awaken the chakra system. Allow your spirit to move freely by learning how to relax, rejuvenate, and heal your body. Release yourself from back pain, stress, and low energy with distinctive movement and ultimately experience shifts in awareness. For all levels.

ONE YOGA NIDRA – Yoga Nidra is a method to create complete relaxation. It soothes the body, quiets the mind, and can serve as an antidote to our busy and exhausted lives. Yoga Nidra encourages the body and mind to heal from the inside out by harnessing the power of the peaceful state that lies between sleep and wakefulness. This class will begin with gentle movement and will be followed by a 45-minute guided savasana. It is said that 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra is equal to two hours of regular sleep.  For all levels.

ONE ASHTANGA YOGA  – Based on the traditional Ashtanga Primary Series that was developed, refined, and taught in Mysore, India by K. Pattabhi Jois, this class will challenge you physically and mentally. Often described as the parent to modern-day Power yoga, Ashtanga yoga is a specialized sequencing of postures and focused breathing techniques. Learn to harness your body’s energy! You will engage the bandhas (energy gates), strengthen the core of your body, and develop a razor-sharp focus. Expect to detoxify and align your body while building strength and stamina. Some knowledge of the postures recommended.

ONE PRENATAL YOGA – A comprehensive Prenatal Yoga class focused on preparing women physically, mentally, and emotionally for the beautiful process of childbirth and motherhood. This class will increase strength, physical and mental endurance, flexibility, breath and body awareness, while reducing fatigue and improving relaxation. Prenatal Yoga also helps reduce back pain and other common issues associated with pregnancy such as nausea, tights hips, and heartburn. ONE Yoga also offers yoga-based Childbirth education – contact

ONE BREATH YOGA – This is a breath-based asana practice with 13-18 postures that are followed by Pranayama (breathing practices). The movements are gentle, coordinated with breath, and work with movement of the spine in all directions. This practice will energize your body and calm your mind. Students will work toward strength, flexibility, structural alignment, proper functioning of the body systems, and mental wellness. For all levels.

ONE SUNRISE YOGA – A heated, early-morning class designed to warm you up from the inside out. This class will cater to the different levels of practitioners in the room. Let yoga meet you where you are to get your day started off on the right foot. Your teacher will give you options to make your experience as challenging as you want it to be. This class will include standing poses, a core workout, balancing poses, and much more! For all levels.

ONE COMMUNITY CLASS – A deeply discounted all levels class taught by a recent graduate from the ONE Yoga Teacher Training program.  The format of the class is similar to the ONE Power 1 sequence which inludes an intro-level, non-heated power yoga class designed to provide a foundation for your practice and an understanding of vinyasa yoga, postures and breath. This class will include some athletic movement and core work to build strength. Suitable for all levels. If you have never taken a yoga class before, please consider taking the ONE Beginner Class on Mondays at 6:45 PM.