The Perfect Chaturanga with Jennilee Toner

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Investment: $40

This fun, educational and enlightening workshop focuses on the three most commonly practiced vinyasa flow postures (Chaturanga, Upward-Facing Dog and Downward-Facing Dog). Designed for both students and teachers alike, Jennilee Toner will teach you how to intelligently work with these poses to ensure a safe and life-long yoga practice.

Inspired by her students and their heartbreaking tales of injuries and frustrations resulting from practicing vinyasa-based yoga, Jennilee Toner was called to action. After a year of teaching Chaturanga workshops, she realized she wanted to help as many students and yoga teachers as she could and wrote The Perfect Chaturanga, an anatomy and injury prevention book. She is happy to be sharing her passions with ONE Yoga as she tours her 200-page, illustrated yoga anatomy and injury prevention book, DVD, and workshop series!

After years as Deputy Sheriff, Army Medic, Military Policewoman, and Drill Sgt candidate, Jennilee Toner found herself in 1996 practicing yoga and crying in tree pose. Since then she completed advanced degrees in both mythological studies and transpersonal psychology. She has studied Sampoorna Yoga (Sivananda lineage) with Yogi Hari, is an anatomy teacher for Frog Lotus International Teacher Training, and is also the creator of Hot Warrior Yoga.



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