Living Your Yoga Practice

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with Gitali & Beth Sanchez
focus on: The First Two Limbs of Yoga

Saturdays, 1 – 5 PM

Sept 5, Sept 12, Oct 3, Oct 10, Oct 17
All-day retreat at Shoshoni Oct 31!

*No class Sept 19, Sept 26, Oct 24

Investment: $499  (Buy Now!!)

Living Your Practice (LYP) is a six-week intensive to help you take yoga off your mat and into your daily life.  You will study the Yamas and Niyamas (Ethics of Yoga) and the Four Paths of Yoga in the context of the three sister sciences of yoga: Ayurveda, Meditation, and Jyotish (Vedic Astrology).

This program is designed with your personal growth in mind – you may choose to gear your reflection throughout the program toward a specific personal focus (finances, relationships, career, psychology) or toward a more general self study.

At the beginning of the program, you will receive a Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) reading with Sherif to provide you with insight on your Divine Blueprint.  You will cultivate awareness around the karmic forces in your life and you will improve your ability to respond mindfully and with equanimity to situations in your life.

The Four Paths of Yoga will be utilized to help you discover your authentic expression of living your yoga and how to move forward with a higher vibration. Approach the Yamas and Niyamas every week through different yoga mediums: asana, chanting/singing, meditation, basic Ayurveda, mindfulness, dharma talks, and more.  Pull away the layers and dive deeper into your growth objective while forging friendships in the community.


• Learn and explore your personal blueprint through Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) and Ayurveda

• Practice incorporating The Four Paths of Yoga into your daily life in a way that works for you

• Study contemplatively the Yamas and Niyamas to discover simple ways to incorporate them into your daily life in a way that aligns and resonates authentically with you

• Gain practice and experience with different meditation techniques and practices, both solo and in community, and learn ways to integrate meditation into your daily life

• Practice the art of mindfulness and deep listening

• Practice yoga asana and explore ways to weave it simply into your daily routine

• Explore your voice through the practice of mantra and song


– Committed yoga students
– Aspiring yoga teachers
– Teachers seeking more depth
– Anyone interested in self-growth and/or personal wellness

AnchorWhat are the YAMAS and NIYAMAS?

Ahimsa: non-violence
Satya: truth
Asteya: non-stealing
Saucha: purity/cleanliness
Santosha: contentment
Brahmacharaya: non-excess
Aparigraha: non-possessiveness
Tapas: discipline
Svadhahya: self study
Pranidhana: surrender

AnchorWhat are The Four Paths of Yoga?

Jana Yoga – Yoga of Knowledge and Wisdom
Bhakti Yoga – Yoga of Devotion, Emotion, and Love
Karma Yoga – Action, Service to others, Mindfulness
Raja Yoga – Physical and Mental Control

*This training counts as a module toward ONE Yoga’s 300 Hour Teacher Training


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