Meditation & Daily Life

SEP 18: Meditation & Daily Life2018-10-02T20:54:08+00:00

with Meg Bratt

Sunday, September 18

1:30 – 3:00 PM

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What you focus on mentally affects your whole body. If you focus on a stressful situation, it can deeply affect the functioning of your body – anxiety, digestion goes off, an aching body part acts up, etc. The meaning that you link experiences to matters – in life and in meditation. So how do we start to make our mind move us in an appropriate, supportive direction? How can we use our focus to help us toward bigger, deeper, and sustainable changes in our lives? This workshop is designed to de-mystify meditation and make it comfortably accessible.

You may know exactly the habits you want to change but somehow intellectually knowing does not achieve it. Meditation allows you to create the feeling of the change and carry you towards your larger goal. Choosing the right meditation tools can make all the difference. Regular meditation can support new, healthier habits and support positive changes in our lives.

We will explore
• Different Meditation Practices
• The Definition of Meditation
• Common Meditation Myths
• Discovering the Right Meditation Tools for You
• How to Organize an Effective and Supportive Meditation

This workshop is a complement to the Thursday Night Workshop: Yoga Sutras on September 15th. The Thursday Workshop is not a required prerequisite but is a beautiful introductory partner.



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