Dance of Oneness®: Embody Sacred Feminine with Banafsheh Sayyad - cancelled

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Saturday, October 17, 10:30 – 5:00 PM – Initiation
Sunday, October 18, 10:30 – 5:00 PM – Grounded Flight

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Explore your being as a channel for love through luscious movement and stillness. Rumi likens our body to a flute that has two mouths, with one mouth hidden in the lips of the Divine Beloved. How would you like to clear yourself of personal dramas and let divine music play through you for your benefit and the benefit of all? Through a rigorous yet abandoned dance of grounding, centering and opening our hearts and minds to Spirit, we invoke, embody and express the Sacred Feminine energy that transforms, liberates and heals our world. Join Banafsheh in a weaving of guided and free dance, whirling, feminine yoga, meditation, Chakra awareness, zikr (chanting), Sufi teachings and Sacred Feminine wisdom.

For women and men. All levels welcome! Please bring socks and wear comfortable clothing you feel beautiful in.

“Banafsheh is one of the greatest sacred dancers I have seen.” – Deepak Chopra


Call the studio: 303.221.7000

About Banafsheh
Persian sacred dancer, transformational teacher, and founder of Dance of Oneness®, Banafsheh performs and teaches internationally, initiating thousands into their body wisdom and inspiring people with movement’s healing and freeing powers. Known for her innovative movement vocabulary, Banafsheh is one of the few bearers of authentic Persian dance in the world, an innovator of Sufi dance previously only performed by men. She is one of the only dance artists who has mastered a fusion of high level dance technique with spirituality.

Banafsheh’s healing, Spirit-based technique, Dance of Oneness®, blends Flamenco, Tai Chi, Modern dance, Gurdjieff Movements, and the sensuous ecstasy of Persian Dance with the austere rigor of Dervish whirling, “fusing ancient forms with a postmodern punch” (LA Times). She teaches worldwide, guiding people to find inner bliss through dance, enabling them to transform themselves and live the sacred in everyday life. With an MFA in Dance and an MA in Chinese Medicine, she is dedicated to healing through movement.

Banafsheh’s award-winning work has been presented in North America, Europe and Australia. Her dance film In the Fire of Grace traces Rumi’s journey of the Soul in dance. LA Yoga writes, “Watching the masterful Banafsheh dance is to glimpse something both otherworldly as well as fully grounded in the momentous meaning of the present.”

“Part whirling dervish, part flamenco femme fatale, sensuous and audacious, Banafsheh’s dance is a mesmerizing foray into the body as trance mechanism; a DNA strand, supple, fluid and noble, come to life.” – LA Times

About the Dance of Oneness®

Dance of Oneness® is a joyful, loving, and contemplative way to embody Spirit and live more freely, passionately and of service in the world. A fusion of the art of dance: rigorous technique and self-expression, healing and spiritual embodiment, Dance of Oneness® is based in Sufi Ritual and Whirling, Flamenco, Persian and Modern dance, Tai Chi, and Chi Gong. Mystical teachings and the poetry of Rumi, Sacred Feminine wisdom, Gurdjieff Work, and Chinese Medicine are the theoretical groundwork.