Your Brian on Yoga w/ Laurie Knight

NOV 15: Your Brain on Yoga w/ Laurie2018-11-22T04:26:29+00:00

Understanding the Science Behind the Yumminess

Thursday, November 15 (Sign up by Nov. 13)
7 – 9 PM

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This workshop is interactive with science (biology/physiology/neurobiology)
woven within a 50 minute practice followed by a lecture/thorough explanation of the “why” behind
poses/breath/hand gestures with sources cited for further independent study. Special focus will be
given to Cranial Nerve X (vagus nerve) and Polyvagal Theory and the parasympathetic/sympathetic
nervous systems. Perfect for the geek-y nerd-y yogi who wants/needs

Note: if your plans change and you need to cancel please do so before Nov. 13. We cannot issue refunds for cancellations within 3 days of the event. Thanks for your understanding.


Call the studio: 303.221.7000