Thursday Night Lecture Series

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Thursday nights of ONE Yoga’s Teacher Training are Lecture Nights.  They are open to the public so that you may join our teacher trainees in learning about different yoga topics with our community.  Show up ready to learn, practice, and have fun! Every lecture also includes an asana (posture) practice.

Thursdays 7 – 10 PM
March 5 – May 28
Investment: $25



March 5:  Yoga Sutras & The Eight Limbs of Yoga  – with Meg Bratt

The Yoga Sutras are the philosophical basis for our practice. The text presents 195 lines of potent and applicable information. Only 4 lines are about asana (posture practice). Seven lines are about pranayama (breath control). What is the rest about? Your mind! Come explore the down-to-earth yogic perspective and how to live your yoga off the mat.

March 12: Yoga for Feet – with Gitali

Experience deep nourishment for your feet. This class is for anyone who does a lot of standing, walking, or working on your feet.
Offer love and gratitude to your feet by learning techniques to strengthen and gain flexibility and ease of movement in your ankles and feet. Learn simple foot reflexology and massage techniques for overall foot and body health. Discover exercises that improve balance. Practice walking and standing meditation practices to become more aware of your feet!

March 19: Chanting with Bhakti – with Gitali

Bhakti is the cultivation of love and devotion. Tap into the vibrations of sound generated by your own body in the company of others by opening up to your voice and your heart! Sanskrit Mantras will be explored musically through call and response chanting/singing (primarily of the names of the divine). We will also explore Japa (repetition of mantra). You don’t have to know the words or have a great voice… Like all yoga, Kirtan is practice, presence, and community!

March 26: Kundalini & Kriyas – with Alana Warlop

Come explore the meaning, make up, and magic of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bajhan. Kundalini uses the science of the kriya, a series of postures, breath, and sound that work toward a specific outcome. We will look at the history, science, and philosophy behind this beautiful practice. The class includes a 75-minute Kundalini kriya, pranayama, deep relaxation, and meditation that is accessible for all levels of yoga practitioner. Whether you are just curious or a seasoned veteran, the class will provide a good foundation and experience of Kundalini yoga.

April 2: Ayurveda – with Beth Sanchez

Ayurveda is the oldest, continuously practiced medical system. Its brilliance can be used by anyone to support optimal health and prevent illness through simple self-care practices that are specific to our inborn constitutional nature. Learn about the elements that predominate in your system and how they inform the structure and function of your body / mind. We will take into account your physical structure, age, work, strengths, daily routine, and even factors such as seasons, climate, and state of mind.  Achieve a deeper level of self-understanding and self-acceptance as Beth presents very practical steps to support your wellness over the course of your life.

April 9: Sanskrit & Chanting – with Meg Bratt

The beginning of all creation came from a movement. Movement creates vibration. Vibration can be translated into sound. Science confirms that everything vibrates. Sanskrit, the closest language we can understand as a root for all modern language, is based on this concept of vibration. The vibrations of Sanskrit words match the vibration of the object being described. Come explore the power of intention & sound as we learn about this ancient language, discuss the meaning of Om, explore making Sanskrit’s unique sounds, and learn the rules of Vedic chant.

April 16: Mythology, Yogic Archetypes, & Enlightenment – with Manoj & Jyothi Chalam

Manoj incorporates a beautiful collection of statues to relate the symbolism of ancient deities to the archetypes within us. Enjoy stories from Indian Mythology to understand the hidden symbolism and the four ways to work with archetypes as part of a spiritual practice. This has the potential to profoundly shift your experience in yoga, or in life transitions. Ancient teachings have practical relevance to modern life, bring peace of mind, and help you uncover ONEness – our underlying common spirit. Jyothi illuminates the practices and knowledge of Vedanta that lead to serenity, peace of mind, and prepare you for the goal of analyzing and realizing the Self: ultimate freedom.

April 30: Chakras – with Channing Grivas

The Chakras system presents us with tools to understand the ins and outs of how you respond to life and its challenges. We will explore these energetic centers to break down your barriers, search your soul, and see what makes you the way you are. The questions and answers are brought to you at the cellular level to grasp within each moment. This Power yoga practice is sequenced to the beginner & advanced practitioner; a basic understanding of Power yoga is highly suggested to be able to get the most out of this experience. Meditation, pranayama, and some chanting will be included.

May 7: Yoga for Every Body – with Meg Bratt

Come explore how yoga’s mind-body-spirit connection works in Therapeutic application! We will learn the basics for a modified practice to reach students when Power or Hatha yoga are not appropriate – including yoga for the elderly, people recovering from injury, or anyone needing a more gentle practice due to any physical challenges. Areas covered will include: importance of breath work and meditation in reducing stress, creating a safe environment for asana practice, and modifications for multiple levels of students.

May 14: Jyotish (Astrology) – with Sherif Sakr

“As above, so below.” Jyotish is the astrology of ancient India and it means “to cast a light.” Understanding your cosmic blue print fosters self-knowledge and self-awareness and can help you achieve more equanimity in your life. Learn the basic principles of Jyotish, how it differs from Western astrology, and practice saluting the sun and the 8 other planets.

May 21: Yoga for Hands – with Gitali

Experience deep nourishment for your hands and arms. This class is for anyone who works a lot with your hands: office professionals, visual artists and crafters, musicians, waiters, dishwashers, massage therapists, construction workers… ANYONE who wants to offer gratitude and nourishment to his or her hands! Learn techniques to strengthen, gain flexibility, and to bring ease of movement in your hands and wrists. Discover movements that will nurture and ease stiffness and pain brought on by arthritis and/or carpel tunnel. Explore Mudras (hand positions/postures) that have wonderful health benefits for the whole body, and dabble in simple hand reflexology techniques to benefit both your hands and your whole body.

May 28: Inversions & Arm Balances – with Channing Grivas

Ready to turn upside-down?! Learn how to work safely and with strength into your Arm Balances & Inversions. We will discuss technique, props, work with the wall, and modifications. This practice is for those that are comfortable enough with Crow that they may move further into developing trust using arms and/or head for balance. Come play with headstand, handstand, and variations on crow. This class is geared to YOU! Come prepared to the beginning of class with a request of what you are aiming for and what you want to work on!  We will have a basic flow to warm up and then it’s all about the play!


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