Relax Into Your Vision: Gentle Yoga & Vision Mapping

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with Susanne Hoogwater & Gitali

Saturday, June 20
1:00-3:30 PM

Investment: $50  (Buy Now!!)
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The wish to create new meaningful realities in our lives – a small project or a big change – is one of the greatest human powers. Visioning is the groundwork for knowing where you want to go and aligning all your resources to move forward in that direction.

For many people visions and ideas come with a challenge. Have you experienced disappointment and frustration about not realizing what you imagined in spite of a strong commitment? Or maybe you got WHAT you wanted, but you feel exhausted from HOW you got there?

Relaxation is an essential element in all phases of the visioning process – to allow creativity, to develop clarity, to be present, to support your vitality, and to achieve results. In this workshop, you can explore a balanced relationship with your vision through gentle yoga and hands-on vision mapping with markers on paper.


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