FREE Astrology Lecture: Self-Actualization vs. Social Programming

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With Internationally Known Vedic Astrologer
James Kelleher


Friday, July 8
7:30 – 8:30 PM

Astrology helps to answer the question: Who am I, really? As we grow up, our parents give us an idea of who we are, our friends have an idea of who we are, and our own idea can change every decade. Yet there is a cosmic blueprint, time-proven, that can give you validation, confirmation, and even revelation about your personality and life purpose. That blueprint is symbolically represented by the position of the stars and planets relative to your place and time of birth – that’s how scientific it is.

In this lecture, James Kelleher will discuss how social programming can drive our behavior and thought patterns. He challenges some of the basic assumptions that most of us take for granted. He frames how self-actualization is different from self-realization and often in conflict with societal norms.

A unique, profound lecture offered to you FREE of charge.

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