ONE Yoga 500-Hour Teacher Training

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January – May, 2015


Becoming an advanced teacher means more than being able to teach advanced asana. ONE Yoga’s 500-Hour Advanced Teacher Training is designed to equip teachers with skills and tools to approach teaching from a therapeutic and healing perspective. It includes knowing and defining your deep, authentic practice, confidence, and humility to guide and be of service to ANY body that enters your classroom. Whether you attract advanced students of asana or students on a gentler path of healing and recovery into your classroom, this training will take your teaching to the next level.

This is a 300 Hour yoga teacher training for teachers who have completed their 200-Hour training and want to earn a certificate for 500-Hour Yoga Teacher. This training meets all Yoga Alliance criteria except one: we have chosen to include the best teachers available to us. Some of them have thousands of hours of training, but not all within one program and thus they do not yet meet YA’s ERYT 500. Therefore, at this time, this is not a Yoga Alliance registered program. We choose to work with teachers who are more than qualified, but not yet certified by YA, in order to provide you with the best training possible. Our faculty is well respected in the community and within their respective fields of expertise.


January – May 2016

Jan 22 – 25 (Fri – Sun)

Feb 5 – 7 (Fri – Sun)

Feb 18 – 21 (Thurs – Sun)

March 3 – 6 (Thurs, Sat, Sun – No Friday)

March 17 – 20 (Thurs – Sun)

April 1 – 3 (Fri – Sun)

April 15 – 24 (Fri – Sun)

April 21 – 24 (Thurs – Sun)

May 12 – 15 (Fri – Sun)

May 20 – 22 (Thurs – Sun)

AND one weekend with Manoj! (TBA)

Plus 20 hrs toward one of the following electives of your choice (included in the tuition):

• Sanskrit w/ Dharma Widmann

• Power 2 Training

• Belly Bliss Pre-Natal Teacher Training

• Living your Practice

• Yoga Nidra (Not included in the tuition, but does count towards 20 hrs credit)

This training is limited to 12 students to maximize your time with the coaches.

Requirements for certification include attendance, comprehension, practice teaching, homework assignments, full tuition, and passing the final written and practical exams.

EARLY BIRD: Save $408 if we receive your deposit by November 8!
$700 deposit holds your spot (non-refundable)


Email for an application (required).
Direct all questions to Gitali at 303.221.7000.


Ayurveda and Mindfulness: Lifestyle Choices for Optimizing Wellness
w/ Beth Sanchez

These sessions will focus on the learning and gradual integration of simple Ayurvedically-based behaviors to best support svasti or deep, whole-person well being. The theory and education will help us receive the reasoning behind Ayurveda and shall include a brief review of Shad Darshan or the 6 Basic Philosophical Schools from the Vedic Tradition, as well as the elemental theory, 20 Gunas, and doshic balance. Practical aspects of the course will include best asana, pranayama, dietary, dinacharya (daily routine), and assists customized for the individual.  This course will also include an Ayurvedic Cooking Class, with hands on prep and eating together in Mindfulness as well as learning about Ayurveda’s simple home remedies for minor ailments. As a preliminary diagnostic tool, basic Ayurvedic Pulsing techniques will also be shared. Mindfulness practices will be integrated throughout the course, based on the teachings of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. These practices will include eating meditation, walking meditation, dharma sharing, and gathering together in song.

Yogic Sight:  Delving into the Roots of our Modern Practice
w/ Meg Bratt

The popularity of yoga in the west has influenced the ways yoga is viewed and taught. This course will focus on the yogic ways of seeing as we delve deeply into the roots of our modern practice: Yoga Sutras and Indian anatomical models. Applicable and down-to-earth discussions of identity, perspective, mind, and the residue left from our experiences will guide us to understand and live our yoga off the mat. We will explore how a yoga practice should change with stages of life, definitions of health, prana models (other than chakras), all within the tools of therapeutic asana, meditation, pranayama, and traditional Vedic chanting. Expand your teaching tool belt with this exploration of self-study.

Beyond Fitness: The Healing Power of Yoga
w/ Kath Baum and Laurie Knight

This course is designed for anyone seeking a healing yogic path. This module is designed for deepening your study of yourself and people you know. You will learn to serve someone in your class with specific needs. We will help you build upon your foundational teaching knowledge to take yogic healing to underserved, specific populations who often need yoga the most and are not able to take regular group classes. You will learn to design and implement group yoga classes comprised of individuals living with specific conditions such as cancer, PTSD or chronic pain. Learn yogic tools to deepen your knowledge, enhance your teaching confidence, and learn to counter the negative effects of stress on bodies and minds.

Teaching & Practicing Intermediate and Advanced Asana
w/ Juliette Loranger

This course is specifically designed to develop an understanding of your personal asana practice and how it relates to more intermediate and advanced postures. Advance your teaching skills by exploring how to intelligently instruct your students to help them have a meaningful, stable, and safe experience with these challenging shapes. The training offers how to’s on instruction with a focus on language, application of techniques, as well as how to distinguish the levels and layers of certain poses. There will be conversations throughout the training on why, as teachers, you will need to recognize and observe the difference between refinement and modification. You will spend time learning physical components to consider in sequencing a class plan and also, importantly, you will gain strong growth in your leadership skills that apply to your choice to teach any level of class.

The Voice and Heart of the Teacher: Integrating Bhakti Practices Into Your Life and Teaching
w/ Gitali

We will explore the practice of Bhakti Yoga through mantra, sound, reading, writing, movement, meditation, contemplation, improvisation, and how it relates to us in our own practices and our teaching. We will do exercises to help build the strength in your voice, both speaking and chanting, and to deepen your listening skills. We will practice accompanying chants with an instrument, and we will work on developing the confidence to lead a class with a mantra, song, or chant. We will study poetry and scriptures from different genres and eras that carry the essence of Bhakti. You will be given an opportunity to explore, strengthen and connect with Bhakti practices that feel authentic to you and your belief systems.

Advanced Anatomy
w/ Anne Hart

This course includes power point slide shows with images of muscles, bones, and other anatomical structures plus images that correlate the body to animals, art, and architecture. These creative comparisons between anatomy and structures in everyday life are both memorable and fun. Following the presentations, students will be guided through an asana practice focusing on those same structures experientially. The intention of these classes is to ignite passion for the complexity of the human body!