Gongscapes™ Immersion with Yogiray and Alana Warlop

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Saturday, September 20
7:00 – 8:45 PM

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Come experience what may well be the greatest natural high of deep relaxation you have ever felt! Yogiray Kessler is the originator of Gongscapes™ which quiets the mind, releases negativity from the electromagnetic field that surrounds us, and tunes the body at the cellular level. Gong healing waves interact with each participant delivering what is needed most in the present moment. Heal mental and emotional stress, shift the physical body into optimum wellness, and manifest your highest potentials of attracting prosperity, love, and intentional living. The gongs take you beyond the distractions of daily life and into a profound inward journey of peace and revelation.

Each person’s experience is uniquely their own, and an amazing array of blessings have been reported to Yogiray over the many years he has offered and refined this amazing technology. Alana Warlop will lead a short yoga segment that will open your ability to let go and “de-materialize” your body so that the spirit can travel deep. Yogiray will lead one solid hour of Gongscapes™ vibrations. An opportunity to integrate and share will follow. The yoga segment will be geared to satisfy all levels whether you choose to participate on the floor or while seated in a chair (provided). Participants who choose to lay on the floor are invited to bring all of your favorite relaxation aids: mat, blanket, pillow, eye covering, loose comfortable clothing, etc.

Feel for yourself why renowned medical intuitive Edgar Cayce proclaimed that sound is the medicine of the future. Gongscapes™ is truly ancient technology for modern times.

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Yogiray is an internationally certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher who specializes in Gongscapes™ which he developed out of the traditions of yoga. He is also informed by his advanced training with the developers of Neuro-Linguistic ProgrammingTM and his experience teaching communication courses on the college level. Yogiray has pioneered healing sounds classes and workshops at college campuses in Phoenix, AZ. He currently resides in Atlanta, GA where he performs events regularly. Yogiray has produced two gong CDs and has been featured on a third CD that is produced by the International Sound Therapy Association headquartered in Atlanta.

Alana Warlop is a transpersonal psychotherapist who utilizes somatic therapies, mindfulness, life coaching, and bodywork to integrate and honor the body’s wisdom and balance of the mind. She has practiced massage for over 11 years and specializes in nurturing deep tissue. Alana incorporates the ideas of empowerment, self-love, mindful intention, and fun into her Kundalini classes. Her ultimate purpose is to offer guidance and practical tools for people to connect deeply with themselves. Alana teaches Kundalini classes at ONE Yoga on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.


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