FAST Defense

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Personal Protection and Assertiveness Training
with Chris Natzke and Theresa Byrne

FAST Defense combines state of the art personal protection and assertiveness training to un-condition the “freeze” response that can accompany bad or frightful experiences. Done in a fun and safe environment, this unique training re-engineers a positive experience to potentially dangerous situations in a very short time. Participants leave with confidence to use their fear as an ally and truly access their inner power.

After you complete Level 1, you qualify to attend Level 2. In the Level 2 workshop, we will review Level 1 skills and then add attacks from the front, rear, and ground. You will once again harness adrenaline to defeat the attacker and practice striking a padded attacker.

This is a powerful experience for parents to do with their kids (14 years old and older).

Want to learn more?

Watch this video clip of Theresa Byrne on Spike TV demonstrating FAST Defense.

Chris Natzke is a 7th Degree Black Belt, former United States National Champion and national self-defense expert. As a keynote speaker, personal success coach and author he has impacted the lives of literally thousands nationally through his Qualities of Black Belt Leadership. Natzke lives in Aurora, Colorado and can be reached at

Theresa Byrne is a national self-defense expert, holds a 4th Degree Black Belt and is owner of United Martial Arts Center in Denver, CO. Always looking for ways to inspire others, she is the creator of “The Fitness Revolution for Kids” DVD and “Bling with Sting”, a patented self-defense tool. She has also appeared on numerous national television shows and teaches women’s safety.



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