DEEP WELLNESS: Embracing the Science of Harmony with GW Hardin

Deep Wellness: Embracing the Science of Harmony2018-10-02T19:49:59+00:00

June 14, 2014
1:11 – 4:44 PM

Investment: $45

Every great teacher or avatar has told us that we could surpass their greatest miracles. So why haven’t we done it? It’s because we have lost or not fully embraced our deep harmony with Source – we have forgotten who we truly are. When we are not in harmony with ourselves, we are not well. As a participant in this workshop, you will learn three concepts that will allow you to remember once again this Science of Harmony: (1) Steps to fully identify oneself, (2) Tools for entering the deep self, and (3) Exercises in learning how to enter into radical oneness.

With Deep Wellness you will explore how to…

• Break up patterns of sabotage, depression, and victimhood using the Gateways of the Mind, the Gateways of Gaia, and the DNA Gateways

• Align your body naturally to its higher Wholeness

• Clear your emotional dissonance using “radical oneness”

• Bring peace to your spirit and soul with blessings of deep wellness

GW Hardin is a New York Times bestselling author, having written or co-written eight books having to do with true stories about the extraordinary. Hardin specializes in the bringing together of opposite worlds, using science and scientific research as a backdrop to his unbelievable stories. He is one of the foremost authorities on the angelic realm while also writing about the parallels that quantum physics has to meta-messages from non-ordinary sources. He can speak about celestials in one breath and then turn around and quantum theory in the next.

As a lecturer, GW Hardin has presented talks at colleges and universities around the country and has given many keynote addresses at conferences. He has appeared numerous times on television and radio shows that have reached millions of people.

The author has appeared on radio and television, and has been interviewed in magazines and newspapers across the nation. A graduate in mathematics at the University of Washington, starting his career as a computer scientist, Hardinʼs encounter with an incurable disease forced him to explore a new way of life. His overcoming the incurable disease catapulted him into exploring stories of the miraculous and the unexplainable. Presently, he lives in Denver, Colorado, where he continues to explore new discoveries in wellness and human consciousness.



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