DEC 15: Heal The Pain – A Loss and grief Workshop w/ Shashi Agarwal

DEC 15: Heal The Pain – A Loss and grief Workshop w/ Shashi Agarwal2018-12-30T22:00:36+00:00

Heal The Pain – A Loss and Grief Workshop

Saturday, Dec. 15

2 – 4 PM

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Loss can come in many forms including death of a loved one, loss of one’s health, relationship losses, major life changes, lost opportunity, etc. Join Shashi Agarwal as she creates a safe sacred
space to facilitate healing as you are guided gently to lean into your grief.

Shashi is a Yoga teacher and Specializes in Yoga therapy for Depression and addiction. Her
focus is on healing after grief, by engaging the mind and body in positivity and awareness. She
has personally gone through her own grief cycle, and her openness in sharing her own journey
has proved to be therapeutic to others. Her welcoming and familiar demeanor combined with
experience in yoga and meditation is a force for healing.

During the workshop you will practice heart opening simple yoga postures, movements, and
breathing techniques. You will also focus on body sensations, equanimity in your breath and
stillness in your mind to go deeper into your divine self; that place in you that allows you to
accept the unwanted external happening of life. Together, with others, you will open your heart
with sharing, sounds of seed Mantras and other ways to deepen down into yourself. The goal is
not to change our happening, but instead explore how to learn to accept loss in graceful way.
Resources will be offered to assist you in moving forward after the journey. Including, Rachel
Gordan – Buddhist Psychotherapist, who will be available if you need continued help in the


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