Chakras, Backbends, & Inversions with Channing Grivas

Chakras, Backbends, & Inversions, OH MY!2018-10-02T19:52:33+00:00

with Channing Grivas

ONE workshop – $45


Get ready to break down your barriers, search your soul, and see what makes you the way you are! Questions are brought to you at the cellular level to grasp within each moment. This chakra workshop will include both practice and an in-depth search of the ins and outs of the way you respond to life. We will utilize a Power Yoga sequence appropriate for both beginner and advanced practitioners; however, basic understanding of the poses is highly recommended. Meditation, pranayama, and some chanting will be included!


This workshop is geared toward alignment principles to get you safely into and out of backbends. It is designed for those with an active practice and who are comfortable with camel/flipped dog. We will explore various types of backbends and work the spinal angles in all directions. We will use the wall for some variations. This practice is designed to keep you strong in your flexibility. In the beginning of class we will move and flow to get the muscles warm and active, and from there we will explore!


This inversions and arm balancing workshop is a practice for those who are inspired to turn upside-down! We will discuss technique, props where necessary, understanding how to work with the wall, and modifications. This practice is for those who are comfortable with crow so that we can move further into the trusting your arms and/or head for balance. Basic inversions include a pose like standing forward fold to better understand the spine. Arm balances include postures like crow, headstand, handstand, and how to work safely into the asanas. Basic flow to warm up will be introduced and then it’s all about the play! We will cool down and meditate in savasana at the end of class. This class is geared around YOU! Come prepared with a request of what you want to work on so that it can be incorporated into the class.  (Sign Up Now!)



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