Wisdom Medicine Circle for Women and Men - with Jenny Adams

MONTHLY 1ST THUR: Wisdom Medicine Circle for Women & Men2018-10-03T03:01:25+00:00

From 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM  | Every FIRST Thursday, beginning Apr 6 

Thursdays Apr 6 | May 4 | Jun 1 | Jul 6 | Aug 3 | Sep 7   

Investment: $40/class  | Membership discounts apply (10% off & 5% off)


Are you in love with yourself? Are you in love with your life? If not, why? Could it be that you are living in your past emotional patterns, instead of living with purposeful intuition?

Intuition is like a muscle. And like all muscles in the body, if its not used regularly it will weaken and even atrophy.  “Use it or lose it.”

When our lives become hectic and busy our connection to this small wise voice within us becomes secondary to our obligations to the outer world.  Without our inner compass we often overextend ourselves in too many directions and become energetically depleted.

In this monthly workshop we will learn how to pump up our 6th sense, softern the hard edges of our psyche and start living enthusiastically from the inside out.

Some of the tools we will use include:

Guided Meditation
Wisdom Questioning
Learning Archetypal Tarot
Crystal Bowl Sound Bathing
Therapeutic Touch
Automatic Writing
Shamanic Breath-work
Astrological Archetypal Modeling

This workshop is for women and men


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