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Why Yoga at Work, You Ask?

Yoga in the workplace is becoming increasingly popular.  Leading treatment centers such as the Cleveland Clinic are starting to integrate yoga into their treatment plans.  From Fortune 500 companies to smaller businesses, yoga is showing up as a practical solution to the costly effects of stress and sedentary habits.  At ONE Yoga, we couldn’t agree more.

Not only does yoga help reduce stress and absenteeism, it increases concentration, productivity, and self-esteem.  Yoga reduces pain, blood pressure, depression, and anxiety.  Perhaps most importantly, yoga greatly improves relationships and gives a general sense of well-being.  It could be the best chance to shift from a healthcare system that treats disease to a culture that chooses and supports a lifestyle of wellness.

“Individuals do best if they understand that health is vitality and energy, not just the absence of disease, and that they are their own self-leaders in charge of improving or maintaining their own health status and influencing the health status of their families.”
Dee W. Edington, PhD
University of Michigan Wellness Pioneer

ONE Yoga is a luxurious space designed using the ancient, scientific art of Feng Shui, to bring a sense of peace, rest, and rejuvenation. We are the only yoga studio centrally located in the Denver Tech Center, just minutes from many offices.  Stop by for a visit – or let us come to you!  We’ll even offer a free yoga orientation session to get you started.

Our available corporate yoga services:

  1. On-site Corporate Yoga: An expert member of our ONE Yoga staff will come to you.  We offer Gentle yoga, Power yoga, and Meditation classes.  All levels are welcome.
  2. Corporate Memberships: Take advantage of monthly specials for unlimited yoga that are exclusive to your employees. Our schedule includes a wide range of classes: heated and non-heated yoga, beginner and advanced, challenging and relaxing.  We even have specialized yoga classes specifically for cancer survivors, people with injuries, and expecting mothers.
  3. Customized workshops and corporate retreats: If you need that magical, team-building synergy, a reward after a big project, or just want to help employees go the extra mile, an afternoon workshop at our studio or your office may be just the thing.  Developed with your priorities in mind, options include:
  • Stress Relief
  • Increased Productivity
  • Team Building

Want to Bring Yoga to Your Workplace?

Contact us to bring the ONE Yoga solution to your employees: