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Bodywork StylesTraditional Massage and/or Craniosacral Energy Work

Soozie is expert in her knowledge of the body through her work as a massage therapist, yoga teacher and craniosacral energy worker.  She has practiced massage since 2001.

In 2004 she became intrigued by craniosacral energy and began to study it.  And in 2015 she began a two-year intensive program.  Since she graduated in June,  Soozie has incorrporated this work into her massage practice offerings, as well.

Soozie is passionate about the benefits of the practice and believes everyone needs it!

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Our Massage Rates:

  • 60 minutes = $80
  • 90 minutes = $115
  • 120 minutes = $140
  • 4 packs are 15 % off