About Karey Goebel

Karey and Matt Goebel own ONE Yoga DTC. Karey is an E-500 RYT in Power and Hatha yoga. She has been practicing for nearly 20 years and teaching since 2012. Yoga has always been a family affair for the Goebels. Karey first discovered her love for yoga and mindful living as a teenager, while practicing yoga with her mom in Boulder. Today, she and her husband Matt, and their three adult children, all make yoga a part of their daily lives.

What Type of Yoga is Right for Me?


WHAT TYPE OF YOGA IS RIGHT FOR ME? While the practice of yoga is for everybody – not every style of yoga will suit every body.  You may crave a gentle nourishing yoga practice with

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6 Common Mistakes that Yoga Beginners Make


These days it seems like everyone is talking about the benefits of yoga. Yoga can soothe away stress and help you become fit, strong and flexible. Yoga has been scientifically proven to help lower blood

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